Head Scientist

General Background


The main PI has a  long history of involvement in the sciences dating back to childhood.  This interest began with astronomy, rocketry, and led to an award from Space Camp.

Lab Skill Set


The head scientist has a great deal of experience conducting all sorts of chemical manipulations ranging from standard bench top, air-sensitive, and pressure reactions.  He has conducted in excess of 4,000 polymerizations and hundreds of small molecule experiments.

Polymerization Types


Anionic, Cationic Olefin Polymerizations



Ring-Opening Polymerizations

Monomer Synthesis

Organometallic Chemistry


Our company has a number of propriety methods for making certain organometallic compounds.  The application of a number of these compounds has been detailed in the chemical literature.

Publication List


A list of publications can be provided for those who have interest on request.  A listing of publications, patents, and talks will be provided in the future off of the home page.



The head PI has extensive knowledge of the polymer field, energetics, acid catalysis, and main group organometallic chemistry.

Detailed on Dr. S.P. Lewis



Dr. Lewis is a chemist, agronomist, educator, and inventor.  He has earned both an MS and PhD in polymer science from The University of Akron.  Dr. Lewis is an inventor on four U.S. patents and an author on sixteen scientific publications.  He has over ten years of college level teaching experience.  Currently, Dr. Lewis is in the process of finishing a textbook on cationic polymerization.

From 2003 onward, Dr. Lewis has made very significant contributions to the field of acid induced polymerization.  These include four aqueous polymerization systems, three of which are capable of producing high polymers from low-reactivity olefins, and two that operate as “immortal” polymerization systems.  Other important breakthroughs include a variety of polymerization systems that operate at ambient temperatures, and systems that make use of acid catalysts that are very highly recyclable.  Dr. Lewis is an expert in devising and reducing to practice new/novel methods for inducing cationic polymerization, and he has invented more than 15 different systems to produce polymers from olefins. Several of these polymerization systems are currently under evaluation in India for kiloton-scale manufacturing of lubricant materials.  Also, Dr. Lewis, while working at a former company of his, devised and patented methods on the preparation of perfluoroarylated Lewis acids, and successfully implemented their use in cationic polymerizations. His expertise extends to anionic polymerization, cationic ring-opening polymerization, and condensation polymerization.  Dr. Lewis is skilled in air-sensitive methods, has extensive experience in a large variety of analytical techniques including HPLC, FTIR, NMR (multi-nuclear, variable temperature), TGA, DMA, and GPC, and has maintained HPLC, NMR, and GPC instrumentation at a number of universities.

Dr. Lewis has over 20 years of agricultural experience and has a startup venture that focuses on developing new organic farming techniques.  Some areas of current interest at this startup include the development of new/safer pesticides derived from plants and soil remediation using low impact methods that do not rely on agrichemicals.