Head Scientist

General Background

The main PI has a  long history of involvement in the sciences dating back to childhood.  This interest began with astronomy, rocketry, and led to an award from Space Camp.

Lab Skill Set

The head scientist has a great deal of experience conducting all sorts of chemical manipulations ranging from standard bench top, air-sensitive, and pressure reactions.  He has conducted in excess of 4,000 polymerizations and hundreds of small molecule experiments.

Polymerization Types

Anionic, Cationic Olefin Polymerizations



Ring-Opening Polymerizations

Monomer Synthesis

Organometallic Chemistry

Our company has a number of propriety methods for making certain organometallic compounds.  The application of a number of these compounds has been detailed in the chemical literature.

Publication List

A list of publications can be provided for those who have interest on request.  A listing of publications, patents, and talks will be provided in the future off of the home page.


The head PI has extensive knowledge of the polymer field, energetics, acid catalysis, and main group organometallic chemistry.