Dr. Alessandro Gandini


Alessandro Gandini has been involved in research and teaching in several countries for more than 50 years, specializing in polymer chemistry, photochemistry, and surface/interface science. He has published extensively on these topics with 480 contributions including books, monographs, and articles.  He was been awarded 20 patents and participated in 500 scientific conferences in including 150 invited and/or plenary lectures. His interest has progressively concentrated on the field of polymers from renewable resources of which he was a pioneer with seminal work in the 1990s, becoming today an internationally recognized leader. The sustainable character of this general approach is accompanied by a progressive coupling with green chemistry connotations in the investigated processes.

The main topics of Dr. Gandini’s research within this rapidly growing macromolecular domain include materials derived from cellulose and nanocellulose, starch, chitosan, lignin, plant oils, and furan polymers, often combining two or more of these bioresources. The search for original macromolecular structures is not limited to the fact that they are based on renewable resources, since it also aims to include developing unique properties that are not readily attained using fossil-based counterparts.

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