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Intellectual Property Development


Pyramid Polymers LLC specializes in the generation of new ideas related to the polymer field.  Our approach is based on out of the box thinking which is grounded on cost considerations inherent to successful implementation on an industrial scale.

Reduction to Practice


The main PI has reduced more than 30 inventions to practice over the past 10 years.  Some of the data from these studies has been published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, others in patents, and more is to be disseminated publicly soon.



At Pyramid, we are experienced at drafting patent applications with four awarded to date and several pending.  Having us involved in the patenting process will save you a great deal of time and money while helping to ensure success.

Recent News

Public Disclosure Aqueous Polymerization p-Hydroxystyrene 2-10-2020

Heteropolyacids (e.g., phosphotungstic acid) serve as recyclable initiators for the aqueous cationic polymerization of a number of olefins and are potentially useful for the preparation of poly(p-hydroxystyrene) a polymer that is useful in electronics.  A technical PDF is available at http://innovscience.com/wordpress/uncategorized/aqueous-polymerization-of-p-hydroxystyrene-and-related-monomers-2-10-2020/.

World Patent Rights Recyclable Initiator Systems

We have new initiator systems based on aluminum, gallium, and indium perfluoro-organosulfonates that allow for controlled cationic polymerization of olefins for sale.  Polymers with well-defined structures are possible (e.g., highly reactive PIBs) and high recyclability of the coinitiator is feasible.  Please see US provisional patent 62667726.  World patent rights are now for sale.  More details will be released in the near future under "Recent News".

Upcoming Breakthroughs in Polymer Science to be Disclosed

Our company is in the process for applying for patent rights to a number of highly novel methods for the production of polymers.  Stay tuned...

Recent Relocation

Pyramid Polymers is in the process of relocating to a new state.  At this moment we are not offering reduction to practice services.  Additionally, we have added three new consultants with a combined work experience in the polymer field of almost 100 years.  Biographical sketches of our main consultants will be provided in the next website update.

Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition

Our founder is an invited speaker at the 2018 SIPS Conference in Rio De Janeiro and will be discussing advances he has made in the area of acid induced polymerization over the past 8 years.

Relocation Effected

Pyramid Polymers has now officially relocated to Ohio and is now accepting clients.

Key Members, Resources

Head Scientist


Our founder has a number of firsts in the polymer field.  Currently he is under contract to write an advanced text for a specialty field in polymer science.  For further information please click on the link below.

Other Members/Resources


We have a diverse array of chemists, engineers, and consultants that we can draw upon to ensure successful completion of any project's goals.



This is under construction.  We have participated in projects ranging from nanocomposites to olefin polymerizations and even materials derived from soybean oil that have resulted in publications and patents.  More details soon...

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